Why Bevy Sales Rules?

Bevy Sales Rules makes the crummy process of changing prices of items in our Shopify store a whole lot easier. Instead of individually changing the price of each variant of each item in the store, change prices in bulk with just a few clicks on our app.

Bevy Sales Rules offers the following pricing plans for its users, from which we can choose the one that works best for our business:

Bevy Sales Rules-FREE

Bevy Sales Rules is completely free to install with some small restrictions. When we install the app for the first time, we start off with this plan and can easily subscribe to PRO later on.

Bevy Sales Rules-PRO

By subscribing to this plan, we can go beyond the restrictions of the FREE pricing plan and unlock more features and functionalities. The pricing of this plan is set to $10.00 per month.

FREE Vs. PRO Features

Features FREE PRO
Customer Support Yes Yes
Total Products On Sale Up To 15 Unlimited
Max Products Per Price Change Up To 15 Unlimited
Sales Clock No Yes

The pricing plans of Bevy Sales Rules are designed based on the availability of the following features:

Customer Support: Both FREE and PRO plan subscribers will have access to our super experienced Customer Support Team.

Total Products On Sale: The total number of products we can put on sale in total. PRO plan subscribers can put an unlimited number of products or variants on sale. However, those on the FREE plan can choose up to 15 products to put on sale in total. And to choose the products, they must apply a filter criterion that includes 15 products at maximum. For instance, if we put 10 products in the current sale, we can put 5 products in the next sale. After that, if we want to launch a sale, we must upgrade our plan.

Max Products Per Price Change: The maximum number of products we can pick for a single Bulk Price Change. PRO plan subscribers can pick an unlimited number of products or variants for a single Bulk Price Change. However, the product quantity is restricted to 15 for the FREE plan users, and they can’t apply a filter criterion that includes more than 15 products.

Sales Clock: A countdown timer that we can add to any product detail page on our store and induce a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) behavior. We’ll only have access to the Sales Clock feature when we upgrade to the PRO plan.

To learn how to upgrade the pricing plan, check out our article on How To Switch Plans? If you have any questions, reach out to support via live chat.

Last updated on 25th Aug 2022