Dashboard Overview

The Bevy Sales Rules Dashboard is simple to navigate and extremely intuitive, and feature-rich. From the Dashboard, we can control every aspect of price changing for items in our store, as well as keep track of every price change and sale via logs and analytics.

Screenshot of Bevy Sales Rules Dashboard

Mini Analytics

The mini-analytics on the dashboard shows the following information:

  • Variants Prices Changed: Total number of variants whose prices have been changed in bulk.
  • Variants Put On Sale: Total number of variants put on sale.
  • Total Revenue Generated: Total revenue generated from products that had their prices changed or was impacted by sales created by the Sales Rules app.

Create A New Sales Rule

When we first open the app, this is the section we come across. Here, we will find two options. Clicking on Bulk Price Change will allow us to access the different options for Price Changing. And clicking on Create A Sale will allow us to access the different options for creating sales throughout our store.

Price Change Log

Here, we can keep track of every price change that we have created in the app. We can revert price changes that have already been applied and see if price changes have been applied to our store or not.

Sales Log

Here, we can keep track of every sale that we have created for our store via Bevy Sales Rules. We can activate or deactivate each sale, and set the priority for each sale, with higher priority sales rules being applied first.

Sales Clock Settings

The Sales Clock Settings allows us to implement a countdown timer in our store that can improve sales for our business by inducing FOMO. We can select different colors and match it with the branding of our store.


Here, we can find articles that cover all the features of the Bevy Sales Rules app and the step-by-step instructions to set them up in our store.


The Subscription page shows detailed information about the pricing and features of available plans. In addition, we can track our currently active plan from here and switch to a different pricing plan when necessary.

Last updated on 25th Aug 2022